Printing Photos at Emulsion Lab

I recently started to think about printing photos “the old fashioned way”, using light sensitive photo paper in a laboratory. I heard there were a few self-service printing laboratories in Paris and knew this would be much easier than trying to gather the equipment myself.

Photophile Exhibition

My very happy to be part of a photo exhibition by my photo club Les Photophiles de Villennes.

Cottingley Fairies Tribute

Each month the French photography magazine “Chasseur d’Images” proposes a theme for readers to send in photos and I often try and come up with ideas to submit. This month’s theme was fairy tales, and this captured my imagination as I’m interested in fantasy fiction and enjoy taking photos of models dressed up. However, with the deadline approaching and the Covid restrictions in place, I started to wonder how I could find a suitable model, costume, and makeup. Then I thought about the “Cottingley Fairies” phenomenon and decided to try and recreate one of these photos. Although the photo wasn’t chosen, I thought I’d show the results here, as I’m pleased with how the photo turned out.

First Frost

A hard but beautiful frost this morning.

In Search of Imperfection: Film Photography

I’ve been thinking about trying some film photography for a while now. There’s a couple of reasons for this:

  • Digital photography is great, but the lack of limits means you take a tonne of photos then need to spend a serious amount of time in front of the computer sifting through them

  • Camera equipment these days is so damn good, that anything other than technical perfection, has become unacceptable

Near Misses When Photographing Bees

Sometimes when you click the shutter, you’re just a little too slow and the scene you wanted has changed.

Bee Macro

I’ve been back out pointing my camera at that most affable of small creature, the bee.