Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Dutch Factory

  • Dutch Factory

Last Sunday the Dutch Factory theatre company visited my home for a very special performance of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Here are some shots of them warming up. Photo’s of the actual performance to follow.


  • vintage

I decided to organize a photo shoot with a vintage theme. Two friends, Helen and Alison, agreed to pose for me and we took advantage of one Paris small parks and a near by cafe to provide a vintage feeling setting for the shoot.


I live near a small pond and it’s usually a good place to photograph insects. As it was a sunny day today, I thought I take a look. After circling the pond, there didn’t seem to be munch insect life, till I came across a patch of large daisies which where coved in honey bees.

I got these close ups using a 18-55 mm lens at 55mm with a 20mm extension tube.

  • Bee


  • Surfer

Winter Scenery

  • Winter Scenery

Sunrise in Villennes-sur-Seine

  • Sunrise in Villennes-sur-Seine

The Birds of Garden of Tuileries

  • The Birds of Garden of Tuileries

Louvre, Paris by night

  • Louvre, Paris by night

The Poetry Brothel

  • The Poetry Brothel