Old Masters - Joel Meyeowitz

Continuing from yesterdays idea of recreating photographs from photographers that I admire.

Old Masters: Renger-Patzsch

I decided to try and create my interpretation of some of the photographers that I admire. Here’s some reinterpretation of Albert Renger Patzsch.

Bad Things Happen to Boris Johnson

  • Bad Things Happen to Boris Johnson

Dandelion Macro Photography

  • Dandelion macro

Bee Macro Photography

  • Bee macro

Daisy Macro Photography

  • Daisy macro

Lorna - Marché St. Ouen

I met Lorna though an advert for casting for a short film. She’s an Italien actress, model, jaza singer, cinephile and tortured artist. We took some shots at the flea market in St. Ouen, just to the north of Paris.

  • Lorna - Marché St. Ouen

Down in the Woods

The following is fiction. Louise is an actress I have photographed before. We set of to the woods to take some photos that would provoke and tell a story. The rest is left to your interpretation.

  • down in the woods

Macro Photography

More macro photography. I experimented with setting it to the smallest aperture (F27. ) Leaving the camera to choose the speed I generally end up with too lower speed and things looked blury, so I manually set the speed too, setting it at 1/125 second. In the mid-day sunshine, setting the sensitivity to 400 ISO was enough. Things generally came out a little under or over exposed, but that was fairly easy to correct.

  • macro

Macro Photography

I’ve recently been given a macro lens. I’ve only been practicing a few days now, but these are my favourite shots so far.

  • macro