Lorna - Marché St. Ouen

I met Lorna though an advert for casting for a short film. She’s an Italien actress, model, jaza singer, cinephile and tortured artist. We took some shots at the flea market in St. Ouen, just to the north of Paris.

  • Lorna - Marché St. Ouen

Down in the Woods

The following is fiction. Louise is an actress I have photographed before. We set of to the woods to take some photos that would provoke and tell a story. The rest is left to your interpretation.

  • down in the woods

Painting Johnny

A couple of weeks ago my and my friends Johnny Palmer and Helen O’Keeffe set out to take a few pictures in Jardin des Tuileries.


  • Emma

Louise Denyer

  • Louise Denyer

Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Dutch Factory

  • Dutch Factory

Last Sunday the Dutch Factory theatre company visited my home for a very special performance of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Here are some shots of them warming up. Photo’s of the actual performance to follow.


  • vintage

I decided to organize a photo shoot with a vintage theme. Two friends, Helen and Alison, agreed to pose for me and we took advantage of one Paris small parks and a near by cafe to provide a vintage feeling setting for the shoot.