More Macro

Photos fresh from the early evening. The long grass is teaming with life. Biology in action.


I got out and took some more macro photos yesterday.

Pea Macro

Some of the peas we bought were already sprouting in their pods. We put them in a small dish on the kitchen counter.

Macro Photography

More macro photography. I experimented with setting it to the smallest aperture (F27. ) Leaving the camera to choose the speed I generally end up with too lower speed and things looked blury, so I manually set the speed too, setting it at 1/125 second. In the mid-day sunshine, setting the sensitivity to 400 ISO was enough. Things generally came out a little under or over exposed, but that was fairly easy to correct.

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Macro Photography

I’ve recently been given a macro lens. I’ve only been practicing a few days now, but these are my favourite shots so far.

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I live near a small pond and it’s usually a good place to photograph insects. As it was a sunny day today, I thought I take a look. After circling the pond, there didn’t seem to be munch insect life, till I came across a patch of large daisies which where coved in honey bees.

I got these close ups using a 18-55 mm lens at 55mm with a 20mm extension tube.

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